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Our Vision

The mission of The American Acting Center is to give both new and experienced actors immersive programs where they can learn in the English language and achieve excellence in acting on stage or screen. Programs will involve education in Improvisational Acting, Method Acting styles such as those established by Konstantin Stanislavski. Students will learn “Body Acting”, Exercises designed to improve stage presence, build confidence and improve overall technique.
Our program was crafted to bring out the best acting ability within all students. Our Acting Coaches are chosen for their experience as Actors, Directors, and Teachers in the field. We carefully select Coaches based on their skills in creating exciting, engaging and inspiring classes and their ability to bring out the best in the Actors that they work with.
Here at the American Acting Center, we will give you the tools and knowledge to create memorable and interesting characters and scenes with your acting peers. The program will culminate in a final performance where students will showcase their acting abilities in front of an audience. At the end of the program, you will receive a Certificate of your completion of the program and the skills that you have received. Most importantly you will have the confidence and the skills to be a competent and capable Actor of the highest caliber.

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