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Meet Our Teachers


Warren Baumgart Jr.


Arizona State University (MFA),

Concordia University (BA),

Professional Director Acting Teacher

Founder Wag the Dog Theater.


Dr. Rena Baruch


Seminar Hakibutzim Acting Program,

Undergraduate Tel Aviv University (Theatre),

MFA Tel Aviv University (Theatre),

MA Tel Aviv University (Directing),

Ben Gurion University (Creative Writing),

PhD (Theatre and creative Writing.)

Published Author

Has taught in prestigeous Universities and theatre programs around the world and has directed over one hundred plays.


Dori Engel


Tel Aviv University Undergratuate in Theatre,

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Actor, Stage Director, Acting Teacher.

Shakespeare specialist.


Ofira Zilberstein


Nissan Nativ (Theatre) 

Actress participated in "The Actors Studio", Acting Teacher

Specialist in Children's Theatre, Director, Producer, Writer


Michael Kait


Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, Moscow School of the Performing Arts

Actor, Director, Acting Teacher. Specializes in the Stanislavski Method.


Elisabeth Kedem 


Ecole supérieure d’études chorégraphiques (Paris)
London Contemporary Dance School (London)
Ecole Vera Gregh (Tania Balachova) (Paris)
Franco-américaine cinéma et théâtre (Paris)
Stage directing (Seminar ha kibutzim open school) (Israel)

Founder, director and teacher at l’ ”Atelier théâtre en français”

Actress, Stage director, Drama teacher, Dubbing & Voice director


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Nitzan Sitzer

Nitzan Sitzer is an international performer, producer and writer with 40 years of professional experience on both stage and screen ranging from classical theatre to musicals, opera, mime, street theatre, performances with symphonies and one man shows. He has acted in numerous movies and television series and has written and performed in countless educational programs for stage, screen and internet both as an actor and /or a voice over artist.

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